Products  that we use

The Products We Use

We use the Italian Eco-friendly product Sutter Zero natural force line.


The Zero products do not have CLP pictograms. Therefore they are not classified as hazardous (Reg. 1272/2008/EC CLP). To guarantee the high cleaning standards required in special applications, the Zero Extra products are fully biodegradable and of vegetal origin but still contain some active substances that require the application of some pictograms.


The professional user of chemical products tends to think that vegetal origin products cannot have the same performance as traditional products. Through research and the sharing of the Natural Force vision with the world main raw material producers, Sutter has obtained a complete line of high performing products line.


Naturally effective formulas with vegetal origin raw materials.


They come from the processing of renewable sources (for examples, potatoes and corn). They are surfactant: they change the surface tension on dirt, helping its solubilisation and removal.
They have emollient properties (they are used in cosmetics).

They are not dangerous to the environment.